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It's past is rich in farming, but today, the City of Vaughan is a diverse community that continues to grow.

With a large population of residents and a large manufacturing and industrial base, Vaughan, and its communities of Kleinburg, MapleConcord, Thornhill & Woodbridge, experience many types of pest control issues, including country livingresidential and commercial. Common pests include cluster fliespine seed bugsboxelder bugsAsian lady beetlesmicespiderswasps & hornetscarpenter antsearwigsticksbed bugs, and cockroaches.  Some of these pests are an obnxious nuiances, while others cause damage to homes and businesses, and also pose health risks.

For decades, our Vaughan exterminator team has been trusted to resolve, manage, and control both serious and common nuisance pest issues for residents & businesses in the community. Whether it's pest prevention or resolving an infestation or pest issue, Environmental Pest Control is the best pest control company to contact for Vaughan pest control needs.

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  • We're experts in treating Vaughan's home and businesses.
  • We offer annual programs and custom treatment plans.
  • We treat our clients with courtesy and respect.
  • We treat every home or business as if it were our own.
  • We provide 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • We deliver exceptional customer service.
  • We offer a rewarding referral program and great special offers.

We are your trusted Vaughan pest control service provider to homes, country living, estates, cottages, island properties, commercial, industrial, healthcare, food establishments, hotels, motels, all other hospitality establishments, churches, and non-profit organizations in the areas that we serve.

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