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Bed bugs are insects that feed on animal and human blood. The carbon dioxide that humans and pets exhale attracts them, so they gravitate toward sleeping areas where it is easy for them to feed at night. Bed bugs are small and can easily hide in mattress pads, box springs, drawers or any small spaces around a sleeping area. They can live for up to a year if all conditions are right, which includes an environment in which temperatures range from 21 to 28 degrees Celsius. During that one-year life span, a female bed bug can lay up to 400 eggs.

Two bed bugs on a cream coloured background


Oval shaped and flat, bed bugs are about 10 mm long. They are brown before feeding, changing to red once they feast on human or animal blood. Younger bed bugs are smaller and lighter coloured but also turn dark and red after feeding. They cannot jump from place to place and, because they are wingless, cannot fly, and smooth metal or other polished surfaces are a challenge for them to climb. The eggs of a bed bug are white, roughly a millimetre long and not easily detected by the human eye.

A close up of a bed bug on a human arm


These creepy crawlers most often feed on areas of your body that are exposed, including the arms, legs, face and neck. The lesions left behind, which can be either flat or raised, are red and itchy and sometimes present in groups of three that form a straight line. While many people have little to no reaction to the bed bug saliva injected during a bite, some will develop large blood or fluid-filled welts. The allergic reaction from a bite is temporary and harmless, as bed bugs do not spread diseases. While the bites are irritating and uncomfortable, the only danger you face is if you develop an infection from scratching them too much or not keeping them clean. It is important to note that bed bug bites and reactions to their bites can look different from person to person, so it is often impossible to identify bed bugs by bite alone.

A close up of a human arm covered in bed bug bites



Aprehend® Bed Bug Elimination & Prevention Program

Aprehend® is a REVOLUTIONARY fungal biopesticide designed to kill bed bugs and prevent bed bug infestations.

Environmental Pest Control is one of the first pest management companies using this non-toxic bed bug treatment technology in Canada. It safely, effectively, and more quickly, eliminates bed bugs and prevents an infestation or re-infestation in homes and businesses.

Aprehend® uses natural Beauveria bassiana fungal spores, which bed bugs pick up and carry back to their harborage or nesting areas. These fungal spores are easily transferred to other bed bugs. All bed bugs that encounter the spores die within 10 days.

What makes Aprehend® different from every other bed bug treatment is its long-lasting residual – it remains active for up to 3 months! This ensures that serious infestations are dealt with, and that any new bed bugs introduced in a home or business in the 3 months following treatment, will pick up the spores and die before establishing an infestation.

Aprehend Professional Badge




A pest control technician carrying a conventional bed bug treatment applicator.


The most economical safe and effective way to treat bed bugs is with the use of safe insecticides registered with Health Canada. We have specifically designed application tools for treatments of crack and crevices and areas where bed bugs hide. This treatment type is the most economical with 100% proven results.

A K-9 dog we use, his name is Radar


Environmental Pest Control was the first company in Canada to utilize K-9 detection. It is our most valuable tool when determining if bed bugs are present. These dogs have been trained to successfully locate narcotics, explosives and ammunition for decades and have keen senses to locate bed bugs and termites. Long before humans can see any visible signs of bed bugs, K-9's can sense their presence through walls, floors and even underground, which ensures utmost accuracy. Early detection is key! If you suspect bed bugs let our K-9's find them for you. Our internationally recognized K-9 detection team is available to inspect your home or business anytime. With K-9 Bed Bug Detection, we may offer a 3 month guarantee. Contact us for full details.

A silver and blue Cryonite machine with a bed bug in a bullseye to it’s right


Cryonite kills insects by freezing them. The freezing process is rapid and reaches a very low temperature. In order to be effective the speed is essential. Used for the elimination of crawling insects through all stages of life, Cryonite is a non-toxic patented technology that eliminates bed bugs. The Cryonite system releases CO2 as "snow" which when applied to the infested sites quickly kills bed bugs, cockroaches and flour beetles on contact.

Worried about down time as a university, hospital or restaurant? The Cryonite system is poison free and eliminates insects without leaving a residue making post treatment work unnecessary. Cryonite can be useddirectly on food production, mattresses and electronic equipment and can be used anywhere including homes, bakeries, hotels, universities, shelters, schools, apartment buildings, and healthcare facilities. Also since there is no residue hotel guests or apartment tenants can inhabit their rooms immediately after treatment.

A thermometer with a bug bug icon and the words Thermal Remediation Kill Zone 120 to 140 degrees fahrenheit


To eliminate bed bug infestations another solution is Thermal Remediation. This is a non-chemical, non-toxic approach that will penetrate wall cavities, mattresses and other areas that are difficult to reach. By applying heat evenly throughout a structure, we are able to kill bed bugs wherever they are hiding. This process will kill all of the growth stages of the bed bug, including the eggs. Thermal Remediation is a great process for certain bed bug problems. Although the cost is significantly higher than conventional treatments, in some applications it is the best choice.

We do not offer Thermal Treatment. In our 30+ years experience treating bed bugs, we have found the highest success rate in bed bug elimination using the Aprehend® Bed Bug Elimination & Prevention Program.



 A bare white mattress sitting on a white box spring.


We offer a full range of affordable, crinkle-free lab certified Bugstop mattress covers, pillow encasements and box spring covers proven to prevent bed bugs and their eggs from passing or biting through the fabric or special zippers. Our covers and encasements are suitable for homes, hotels, universities/colleges, public housing, camps and more. Learn more about why bed bug mattress covers are so important, and what to look for in a high quality cover.

Wholesale Pricing Available!

A person's hand lifting up a mattress from a bed frame.


Under special situations and circumstances, we may offer customers preparation services to help them get their home or apartment ready for a bed bug treatment.

Depending on the treatment process, the preparation may vary. Please contact our office if you require assistance or want to further discuss what preparation services are available.

A gold, green and orange circle badge with the words 3 Month Guarantee.


Only fully detached homes are eligible for a 3 month guarantee if K-9 bed bug detection and bed bug treatments have been performed by Environmental Pest Control.

Treatments may include multiple applications and the purchase of mattress and box spring encasements if recommended by Environmental Pest Control. All recommendations from Environmental Pest Control must be followed by the customer in order to validate this 3 month warranty.

Unfortunately, apartments, townhomes, condominiums, and semi-detached homes are not eligible for guarantee due to the possible re-introduction from adjoining apartments/homes.



What do bed bugs look like?

Bed bugs are oval shaped and flat and around 10 mm long. They are brown before feeding, and upon feeding, they change to red. Learn more about what bed bugs look like in our how to identify bed bugs section.

How can you tell if you have bed bugs?

Bed bug detection can be challenging. Often, they are mistaken for other biting insects or even skin conditions. This is because responses to bed bug bites can and do drastically differ from person to person, making it difficult to identify bed bugs solely by bites or symptoms of bed bug bites without a specimen or images of the insect. If you think you have bed bugs, it is best to send a picture of the insect that it thought to be a bed bug, to a pest control company who has expertise in bed bug identification and elimination.

What to do if I find bed bugs in my home or business?

If you find bed bugs in your home or business the most important thing to do is try to remain calm. Any actions taken to try to get rid of bed bugs on your own (like cleaning, moving around furniture, throwing things out, etc.), can and will disrupt the bed bugs which will cause them to start to move around and likely find deeper places to harbour in your home or business. If you find bed bugs in your home or in your business, immediately contact a licensed best bug pest control company, like Environmental Pest Control. Involving a professional bed bug exterminator right from the start will help you get the issue under control much quicker so you can start to sleep again at night.

Do I need to throw out my mattress or furniture if I have bed bugs? 

No, do not start to throw out your stuff or move mattresses or furniture to other rooms or outside. If you do have a bed bug infestation, moving and throwing out your belongings will upset and disrupt the infestation and you could further spread these pests around your home.  You could also accidentally pass along bed bugs to another person should they come into contact with these infested items.

Do I need a mattress cover to get rid of bed bugs? 

Bed bug mattress covers not only help you get rid of bed bugs, but they also help you prevent a bed bug infestation. Learn more about why you need bed bug mattress covers, and what makes a quality bed bug mattress cover. We offer a full range of affordable, crinkle-free lab certified Bugstop mattress covers, pillow encasements and box spring covers proven to prevent bed bugs and their eggs from passing or biting through the fabric or special zippers. Our covers and encasements are suitable for homes, hotels, universities, colleges, public housing, camps and more. 

Should I wash all my clothes and bedding if I have a bed bug infestation?

It is very common upon discovering that you have bed bugs to want to wash everything that you have. This is not necessary as soap and water do not kill bed bugs. High heat can and will kill bed bugs, so putting your clothing and bedding in the dryer on high heat will suffice. It does not need to first be washed.

What is the most effective bed bug treatment?

There are many bed bug treatment options on the market to consider. We believe that the most effective treatment for bed bugs is Aprehend. It both eliminates bed bugs and prevents re-infestations. It is also environmentally safe, non-toxic and lasts for 3 months upon application. In our expert opinion it is the most effective bed bug treatment available. There are other effective bed bug treatment options to consider and depending on where bed bugs have infested, and any unique situations within the home or business, a different treatment option or a combination of bed bug treatment options may be recommended.

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