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Typically considered the most detestable of all pests, cockroaches are a pest problem that no one wants to have to deal with: we don’t want them in our restaurants, our workplaces, and we definitely don’t want them in our homes.  Simply mentioning them is usually enough to make your skin crawl.  We’ve all heard the old wives tales that “cockroaches can’t be killed” and that “when you see one there are a hundred more you can’t see”.  We’re pleased to report that yes, cockroaches can be killed, but, unfortunately, these is some truth to the amount of hidden cockroaches for every one you do see.  



Why Are Cockroaches So Difficult to Get Rid Of?

These pests have adapted shocking well.  It’s no wonder that when we’re affronted with them, our instinct is to internet search for “how to get rid of cockroaches”.  Cockroaches are notoriously good breeders, in fact some breeds of cockroaches are pregnant for their entire life cycle after mating, and a single cockroach egg can hatch up more than 30 new roaches.


Cockroaches are smart: they can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes when they detect poison, can live for up to a week once their heads are removed, and have reflexes that are faster than humans.  As primarily nocturnal creatures, they can be immensely difficult to see, find, and track.  These quick pests can run up to 3 miles an hour and do not rely on traditional food sources:  they have been known to eat leather, glue, and their own feces.

Cockroaches are highly unsanitary and carry disease.  Because they are so quick, smart, and discreet, you should always leave cockroach extermination to professionals who are equipped to deal with the threats and problems they can present.

Signs of a Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches have a distinct oily and musky odor.  If you smell cockroaches or see any of the following,  you should call professional services to eliminate your possible cockroach infestation.  

  1. Finding cockroach feces.  Check behind appliances, under sinks, in pantries, and in other food storage areas.  Cockroach feces ranges in size and appearance:  it can appear as oval pellets, tiny pepper-like specks, or brown stains.

  2. You see a cockroach during the day.  Cockroaches are primarily nocturnal, seeing one during daylight hours, is usually indicative of a severe cockroach infestation problem.

  3. Oothecae (roach egg) sacs. While the German roach carries their oothecae around until they are ready to hatch, typically they are left behind furniture, in wall cracks, and in other well protected places.  They are oblong, brown casings and approximately 1 inch in length


Types of Cockroaches Found in Ontario

German Cockroach

Size: ½ - 1 inch long, though they have been known to grow larger

Physical Description: Ranging from tan to nearly black with two parallel lines running from head to wing base.  Though they have wings they are not strong enough to sustain flight.

Where They’re Found: The most common type of cockroach found in restaurants, food processing facilities, and hotels, they are likely to inhabit any warm area


Wood Roaches

Size: ¾ - 1 ¼ inch long

Physical Description: These flat, oval-bodied cockroaches look very similar to the American Cockroach.  They have long antennae, spiny legs, and are typically a chestnut brown colour.  Large roaches of this variety can be identified by a light or transparent strike on the outer edge of the thorax.  These cockroaches have wings and can fly.

Where They’re Found: Both indoor and outdoor dwelling roaches, they are active both day and night.


American Cockroach, The Commone Household Cockroach

Size: nearly 1 ½ inches long

Physical Description:  A bright yellow band marks the thorax of this mostly reddish-brown species.  Has long antennae and wings, but flight is not sustained for long periods of time.

Where They’re Found:  These cockroaches are bold and aggressive.  Found in homes, restaurants, and commercial facilities.  They are particularly attracted to yeasty alcoholic beverages.


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