When you hear the words “pest infestation”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? We know for some, it’s an instant physical reaction like a shudder or ‘tell-all’ horrified facial expression. Both of which are very natural reactions and expected.

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Another very natural reaction is intense, overwhelming urge to clean and disinfect your home or business from top to bottom. For those that have experienced a pest issue, they understand how strong the need to clean is.

Why the need and want to clean so much? Well, what comes along with a pest control issue are loss of sleep and constant worry…because how can you really sleep when you have bugs, insects or rodents doing who-knows-what-where in your home or in your business.

And even when done cleaning, it can still feel like it was not enough. Why? Because while bugs, insects, and rodents are often perceived as being scary, they are also often thought to be gross, dirty, and unsanitary, and they have invaded your space. This is an unnerving feeling. To feel like you are regaining some control and helping resolve the situation, it’s natural and common for people to want to clean.

Does Cleaning Help Get Rid of a Pest Infestation?

While pest issues and pest infestations are thought to be caused by poor sanitation, this is not 100% true. There are many common nuisance pests in homes and businesses that do not bite, spread disease or damage, and just by existing, they are a nuisance.

However, if you have bed bugs, rodents, or cockroaches, you’re very worried about what they are biting, eating, the surfaces they are walking on, where they are nesting, and what they are getting into. You’re also very concerned about contamination, and what sort of bacteria and diseases they are spreading about in your home or business. You’re also worried that this could make you sick or cause others in your home or business to fall ill due to a pest infestation.

Having a licensed pest control technician who is both knowledgeable and experienced with dealing with your specific bug, insect or rodent infestation is an effective way to regain control, peace of mind and get the issue resolved.

How Do I Clean Up After Pest Control?

The answer is: That depends. What cleaning instructions, advice or recommendations did your pest control professional share with you?

Once you have brought in a pest control professional to help resolve a pest infestation, it is VERY important that you follow the specific cleaning instructions they give you, including any instruction to NOT CLEAN. Why? Because vigorous, thorough cleaning can and will clean away the treatment that has been applied. The specific pest treatment needs to remain in place so that the pests can come into contact with it or ingest it or bring it back to their nests. Also, the longer the product stays where it needs to be, the more effective it works, and stronger results are achieved.

If some or all is wiped away, the true effects of the professional pest control product will not be realized…which means your pest issue may not get resolved in a timely matter or at all. 

We know that not being able to clean or clean as thoroughly as you normally do is not ideal and can even be stressful (because as we discussed above, cleaning is a natural reaction to try to get rid of pests), but it is key in the overall pest control process. This is a good time to point out that there is a lot of advice out there about how to clean up a pest infestation. Our expert opinion is that this is a bit of a loaded question because serious pest infestations are not always eliminated in a single treatment and depending on the type of pest that is infesting a home or business, and the severity of it, it can take time for it to be fully resolved or under control, which means your licensed pest management technician will be back a few more times. Following treatments, too aggressive cleaning can and will remove the products making them less effective and reducing their longevity. This means they don’t work, your money is wasted, and your pest issue is still ongoing. Not good, right?

Every pest treatment is different, so ‘clean-up’ is different too. Because homes and businesses are used, and some rooms have higher traffic and activity they need to be cleaned. In general, following a treatment, our pest technicians advise our customers to spot clean and keep brooms, dusters, vacuums and mops a distance from baseboards.  The recommend that our customer refrain from cleaning as vigorous as normally would until after the pest issue is fully resolved.

Here are some specific examples of cleaning instructions following pest control treatments for cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, mice, and rats:

How to Clean Up After a Cockroach Treatment


How to Clean Up After a Spider Treatment


How to Clean Up After a Bed Bug Treatment

  1. Cleaning disturbs the bed bugs harborage sites and result in them going deeper in cracks and crevices around baseboards. This reduces the chances of them encountering the bed bug treatment and dying.
  2. Cleaning can deactivate or remove the product.


How to Clean Up After a Rodent Pest Control Treatment


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