We get many calls, especially this time of year, from homeowners, renters and businesses who have unfortunately discovered a mouse indoors or a full-blown rodent infestation.

Understandably, they're looking for immediate relief and a quick solution, as rodents can pose a health concern, damage personal property or cause structural damage and electrical fires.

When faced with a possible mouse issue, most people automatically set out a mouse trap (or snap trap), which can instantly kill a mouse if one happens to come across the trap, and finds the cheese or peanut butter bait appetizing enough to nibble on. A mouse trap is not an effective way to eliminate a mouse problem. Most of time, mouse traps are just a mechanism for feeding rodents, and if you keep feeding them, they will not go away.

a mouse trap with cheese on it

The reality is (and we know that no one wants to hear this) is that if you have mice, there is no quick way to get rid of them.


Why Are Mice So Hard to Get Rid Of?

Mice are attracted to dark, insulted, warm and quiet areas of homes and structures like attics and crawl spaces. They use the walls as their own personal rodent highway at night to get around in search of food and water. As a result, they often go unnoticed until their numbers increase to infestation levels. When you have an infestation, you can hear scratching, chewing and movement coming from behind your walls. These sounds and knowing they are there, can be unnerving and upsetting, to say the least.

While it’s possible to have and see a single mouse indoors, if you do come across a live mouse in your home or business, this is most commonly a sign that there are more. Live mouse sightings, especially during the day, are usually signs that the rodent nest has been disturbed (perhaps from a renovation or major cleaning) or the nest is getting too small for the growing mouse population.


So, What’s the Best Way to Get Rid of Rodents?

Hire a licensed pest control company who will implement a rodent bait program. The bait program that Environmental Pest Control uses is very efficient and works after a single feed. Post feeding, rodents will dry from the inside out eliminating the ability for them to rot and smell.

Using ‘off the shelf’ mouse bait is not as effective. These baits often take multiple feedings to work and work in different ways.  If rodents feel unwell after the first feed, and the bait didn’t eliminate them, they will not return for another feeding, and the issue will persist and worsen. If a pregnant mouse eats standard ‘off the shelf’ bait and survives, her babies can become resilient to the bait. Once they mature, this bait can become a food source for them.

Important: If you have hired a licensed pest control professional to help you solve your mouse or rat problem, don’t use mouse traps. If the rodents can get food from the traps, they will not eat the bait. If they do not eat the bait, the rodent control program will not work or will take longer to work. 


How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of Mice?

If you have mice and live in a typical residential neighbourhood, it usually takes a solid month, and possibly a few more follow up service calls from your licensed pest control professional. With a mouse infestation, the population grows rapidly and is always made up of all levels of maturity (from babies to adults). To get rid of mice, all the babies need to mature and venture out on their own for food and eat the bait.

If you live on a farm or in the country, rodents in general, will be an ongoing pest control issue. A monthly rodent program is your best defense and solution.

Once the pest control technician has implemented the rodent bait program in your home or business you may still hear and or see rodent activity for up to 4 weeks.

Signs that the bait program is working is finding bluish green droppings, which have come from a rodent who ate the bait and has died. If you find fresh black droppings or live mice after 1 month, call your pest control provider and let them know so they can come back and adjust the bait program.


How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of Rats?

Rats are more difficult and take longer than mice to eliminate. How long it takes to get rid of rats really depends on the level of infestation and the environment. While a rat infestation can be treated with the same bait, rats are more intelligent than mice and can go for long periods of time without food or water. Unlike mice, they will not eat everything and anything they come across. Rats will wait and see if fellow rats get sick from the food they are eating, and if they see this, they will not avoid that food.


Need Help Solving a Rodent Infestation?

If you have rodent infestation, give us a call. In addition to setting up a bait program or monthly rodent program, we will help you solve the issue by doing a thorough exterior inspection (walk-around) to identify where the rodents are gaining access to your home or business. We will fill small holes around access points with excluder or copper mesh and we will provide you with written recommendations for additional preventative measure you should take, include larger repairs, such as installing weather stripping, replacing torn screens, repairing large holes in siding, brick soffit or roofing. Without acting on these recommendations, your mouse or rat issues may continue.

Visit our pest library for helpful information on the common signs of a mouse infestation, how to make your home or business less appealing to rodents, and tips for how to get rid of mice or how to get rid of rats.


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