The spring season encompasses lots of wonderful things... like the start of BBQ season!

an outdoor BBQ with meet and veggies cooking on it

Some people BBQ all year long, but for many, the winter season is a time when BBQs get moved into garages & sheds, or they are pushed to a corner of the deck or patio, draped with a cover (which may blow away during the first winter storm) and left dormant until spring arrives.

Come spring season, when getting ready to fire of the BBQ for a delicious grilled meal, the last thing on a person's mind is worrying about finding mice living in their BBQ.

The truth is that a common home for mice over the winter months is in fact a BBQ.


Why are Mice Nesting in Your BBQ? 

Mouse problems occur frequently in the fall as soon as the temperatures drop. Feeling threatened by winter weather, mice look anywhere to find warmth, shelter, and food, which are essential to their survival through the winter months. Mice will seek out shelter in homes, garages, sheds and even barbeques.

Why is there a mouse nest your BBQ? Mice are very determined pests. They will go anywhere and everywhere they smell food. Your BBQ is the perfect place for shelter AND very importantly, for food during the winter months. BBQ's left with a dirty grease tray and a grill covered with dried and burnt food crumbles and bits are very favourable.

Finding a mouse in your BBQ can be surprising and unnerving. It is also cause for serious concern as they post a health and safety risk, since while nesting in your BBQ, mice will produce feces and urine. They also pose a risk to damaging your BBQ as they can and will chew through electrical wire and propane hoses.


Signs of Mice Living in Your BBQ

Here are 4 signs that you have mice living in your BBQ (or had mice living in there) include:

  1. Seeing mice dropping.
  2. Smelling mouse urine which has an ammonia-like odour.
  3. Finding either a mouse nest or remnants of a mouse nest.
  4. Upon opening the lid, discovering a mouse or family of mice living in a nest or scurrying around inside your BBQ.


How to Prevent Mice in Your BBQ


How to Get Rid of Mice in Your BBQ

If you do find a mouse nest in your BBQ, you must take special precautions on removing it, as mice feces can be very unsafe to humans. The good news is that you can remove it safely without having to buy a new BBQ.

  1. First, remove the nesting material by wearing gloves and a face mask to protect yourself from exposure.
  2. Next, you need to clean the grill to remove pheromones and lingering bits of food, feces or urine. Review your owner’s manual to identify any special instructions for cleaning and for how to disassemble and remove the grill to be able to wash that thoroughly in hot soapy water. If you do not have a paper copy, often you can find the owner’s manual and care instructions online via the manufacturer's website.
  3. Once you are done cleaning, disinfect or throw out all the tools you used for cleaning.
  4. Investing in a zipper cover is recommended when you are storing your BBQ for the winter or when you are leaving to go on vacation in the summer.
  5. Regular use and cleaning will greatly decrease your risk of having further mouse problems.


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