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Bed Bugs in Toronto are extremely difficult to eliminate, these unwanted house guests multiply faster than you may think. Which is why we have adopted and execute the latest in effective bed bug detection and extermination.

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"I am so glad we hired Environmental Pest Control. I can now sleep at night and know I'm the only one in my bed. "
- Jemma C. Toronto, ON

Let us help you Prepare for Service

For those clients that are in need of our assistance, we can help you get your home or apartment ready. Depending on the treatment process the preparation may vary.

(Safe Insecticide Treatments)

Safe and Economical
The most economical safe and effective way to treat for bed bugs in Toronto is with the use of safe insecticides registered with Health Canada. Our trained professionals use the Flush, Spray, Dust and Vacumm method for treatments. We have specifically designed application tools for treatments of crack and crevices and areas where bed bugs hide. This treatment type is the most economical with 100% proven results.

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K-9's offer close to 100% accuracy in Toronto bed bug detection

Environmental Pest Control was the first company in Canada to utilize K-9 detection. It is our most valuable tool when determining if bed bugs are present. Although we are talented pest inspectors, we do not possess nearly the keen senses that K-9's do. These dogs have been trained to successfully locate narcotics, explosives and ammunition for decades and guess what? It turns out that dogs can use their sniffers to search for bed bugs and termites too! Long before humans can see any visible signs of bed bugs, K-9's can sense their presence through walls, floors and even underground which makes the inspection a more accurate one. Our internationally recognized K-9 detection team is available to inspect your home or business anytime.

Early detection is Key! If you suspect bed bugs let our K-9's find them. Call us today or submit an online form.

K9/Dog Bed Bug Detection/Sniffing

Bed Bug Mattress Covers


We also offer a full line of bed bug solutions. Bugstop mattress covers, pillow encasements and box spring covers are just a few of the products we offer and they are all lab certified. Being lab certified does not mean a thing unless you can show results and we can! All of our bed bug mattress encasements have been lab tested using live hungry bed bugs. The results prove that bed bugs and their eggs cannot pass or bite through the fabric or special zipper.

Our products also allow you to sleep soundly as you will not hear that crinkling sound that you will with inexpensive protectors.

Looking for wholesale pricing? If you are a hotel, university, public housing, pest control company or any organization that is interested

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Why use Cryonite for Bed Bugs?


Cryonite kills insects by freezing them. The freezing process is rapid and reaches a very low temperature. In order to be effective the speed is essential. The Cryonite unit sprays carbon dioxide snow which is a cooling medium from the specially designed and patented nozzle.

Used for the elimination of crawling insects through all stages of life, Cryonite is a non-toxic patented technology that is sure to eliminate Toronto bed bugs. The Cryonite system releases CO2 as "snow" which when applied to the infested sites quickly kills bed bugs, cockroaches and flour beetles on contact. Worried about down time as a university, hospital or restaurant? The Cryonite system eliminates insects without leaving a residue making post treatment work unnecessary. Cryonite can be used directly on food production, mattresses and electronic equipment. Bed Bug Cryonite Treatment

Cryonite is Poison Free so it can be used anywhere! It can be used on surfaces in contact with food such as bakeries and kitchens. If your production line cannot be stopped. No problem. Critical issues can still be dealt with quickly. Also since there is no residue hotel guests or apartment tenants can inhabit their rooms immediately after treatment.

Cryonite can be used anywhere including homes, hotels, universities, shelters, schools, apartment buildings, and healthcare facilities.

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Cryonite Bed Bug Services | Freeze Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Treamentment

Both Conventional and Cryonite Combined


Right now when you purchase our Conventional Bed Bug Treatment you get our NEW Cryonite Treatment FREE, that's a saving of approximately 25%!

Our Effective Conventional Applications utilize 100% safe insecticide treatments, safe & economical and use the flush, spray dust and vacuum method. Our NEW & innovative Cryonite service kills insects by freezing them, eliminates crawling insects in all stages of life and is poison free.

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To eliminate bed bug infestations another solution is Thermal Remediation. This is a non-chemical, non-toxic approach that will penetrate wall cavities, mattresses and other areas that are difficult to reach. By applying heat evenly throughout a structure, we are able to kill Toronto bed bugs wherever they are hiding. This process will kill all of the growth stages of the bed bug including the eggs.

Thermal Remediation is a great process for certain bed bug problems. Although the cost is significantly higher than conventional treatments in some applications it is the best choice.

Bed Bug Treamentment
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