After the holidays end and the Canadian winter has fully settled in, many of us try to escape the cold weather by retreating to warm destinations. We eagerly seek the sand and sun, hoping to re-live lazy summer days and have some fun. For others, business travel picks up early in the new year. Bed bug travelling on skin

There is a possibility that in addition to the tan, souvenirs, or new customers and leads you come home with, you could also bringing home bed bugs.

A bed bug infestation is the last thing you want to bring home from a vacation or business trip, as getting rid of bed bugs is no easy task. With over 30 years pest management experience, we’ve shared some tips to help you prevent these bugs from coming home with you.


What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Beg bugs are small (about the size of an apple seed), making it easy for them to blend into nooks and crevices of any space. Humans are the ideal host for bed bugs and their nocturnal tendencies mean they feed on their hosts while they are sleeping at night and then return to their hiding place. Learn more about bed bugs.


How Do Bed Bugs Travel?

Bed bugs are very transferable, as they are able to travel by stowing away in the nooks and crevices of dark places like books, purses, briefcases and luggage. Hotels and motels are particularly susceptible to infestations because of the easy access to luggage, clothing and furniture.

It is unlikely that a bed bug would be able to travel by attaching itself to the clothes you are wearing.

a pile of different coloured suitcases

How to Prevent Bed Bugs When You Travel: Before You Leave

Before you pack your bags and head out on your vacation, there are a few factors to consider when booking your hotel.

Bed bugs have the capability of infesting any home or building, despite its cleanliness. Whether your hotel is a five star or a three star, it still has the possibility of an infestation, as it can be difficult for staff to thoroughly check all rooms for pests after every single guest. If you do find bed bugs, notify the staff and ask to be relocated to a different room immediately. Hotel staff will want to know if there are bed bugs in their hotel, and should be eager to accommodate you.

Tip: There are a few things you can do to prevent a bed bug ridden vacation. Sites let you search hotels and browse user-submitted bed bug hotel reports across Canada and the United States. If you are travelling outside of Canada or the United States, there are a number of travel review sites that will be able to give you some insight to guest experiences with bed bugs in hotels or other housekeeping issues.

There are websites available such a 


How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Packing Your Suitcase For a Vacation

Try to avoid bringing bulky items like pillows or blankets, as the large dark spaces can give bed bugs a great location to hide in and ultimately make their way back home with you.

Bed bugs are less attracted to light colours, so we recommend using a light coloured fabric or plastic luggage set when travelling. As a matter of fact, studies have proved that bed bugs have a preference for red and black. You are also more likely to see any bed bugs if they are on a lighter fabric as opposed to a darker one.



How to Check for Bed Bugs in a Hotel Room

You made it to your hotel after a long flight and all you want to do is relax, take in the view, unpack a few items, and go to sleep. Stop right there. From the moment you arrive to your room, there are a few places to search for clues of bed bug infestation:

Tip: Put your luggage in the bathtub or shower if you don’t want to leave it in the hallway. Bed bugs are rarely found in bathrooms, opting for warm, cozy spaces instead.


How to Prevent Bed Bugs When You Get Home

So you have enjoyed your vacation or have finished your business travellings, and now you are home. The first thing you should do is wash all of your clothes in hot water. This will kill any bed bugs that tried to attach themselves to your clothes. If you cannot wash all of your clothes, throw the non-washables in the dyer on the hottest setting for 30 minutes. Once you have finished unpacking your suitcase, vacuum it, prior to storing it away.

Tip: Vacuum every nook and crevice of your luggage. Afterwards, take the vacuum bag or canister immediately outside in the garbage. This will make sure no bed bugs find their way from the garbage to your bed.

A Bed Bug infestations is a serious problem that is always best managed and eliminated by an experienced, knowledgeable pest control professional. If you think you have a bed bug infestation or know you have one, contact us  by phone or request a free quote. We will take care of everything. You can trust that we will take care of everything - we’ve been expertly eliminating bed bugs for over 30 years.


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